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Santiago López Guiñazú,

Pitcheers was born in December 2016 with a clear mission:
to change how the recruitment industry works.

Our Story

After working in the recruitment industry for years with many recruitment agencies, I was convinced that the industry wasn’t solving the problems it needed to solve.

Candidates couldn’t find the job they wanted, and companies couldn't find the right people.

Why? These are a few of the reasons:

  • Job descriptions are boring and confusing.
  • Job ads are boring and confusing.
  • CVs are misleading.
  • The cost of hiring is very high.
  • The job search process is inefficient, lonely and frustrating.
  • Communication is not effective.

So I created Pitcheers to change how the recruitment industry works.

We started by not having recruiters, but connectors.

What's the difference? Recruiters work reactively: they go out and look for candidates when they are asked to fill a role. Connectors, on the other hand, work proactively: they talk to candidates all day, every day, helping them to plan their careers and providing real value to them, whether they are looking for a new job or not.

Our goal is to meet and help as many people as possible.

Why? Because we have a genuine interest in people. We really want people to be able to find what they want to do, where they want to do it, and enjoy what they do. We don't want anyone to settle for "well you need some job, and this is what I’ve got" To achieve that goal we have to meet and talk to people and add value to them, every day.

Workers are not just a list of skills, they are above all else, people.

We work with the company to plan the hiring process.

This actually starts long before we write an ad and post it. It's about helping the company see what they don't know that they don't know, a step that is usually ignored, but that is key to eventually looking for the right solution and finding the right people to solve the company’s needs.

We add value to the candidate and the company.

We add value to candidates by helping them to progress in their careers and we add value to the company by helping them understand their hiring needs.

We guarantee the candidate a chance to talk to someone about positions they are interested in and fit their career path.

We guarantee the company a chance to find candidates that will solve their problem, without having to write an ad, read dozens of resumes or arrange interviews.

And that's how at Pitcheers we are changing the industry.

We are in the business of connecting companies with candidates without being a recruiting agency or having recruiters, and without being a traditional job portal but a "human" job portal with functions that go far beyond posting ads and receiving applications.

We eliminated the word "selection" from our vocabulary and replaced it with "choice".
We are the nexus that helps people (companies and candidates) choose each other.

Pitcheers Milestones

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Pitcheers is born in New Zealand.

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We created our YouTube channel.

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Company started to conduct business in the United States.

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Company started to conduct business in Australia.

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We opened an office in Buenos Aires.

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We added three big clients to our portfolio.

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Pitcheers' software and platform development begins.

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We opened an office in the United States.


Our values are trust, opportunity and growth.
Why is that?

Because it all stems from trust. Just as we trust that clients and candidates are the right ones, clients and candidates trust us. There has to be trust between these three players: company, candidates and connectors.

Through trust, we attract opportunities for the candidate's career, and candidates for the companies. We also provide opportunities for those people who want to become connectors.

In all cases, those opportunities generate growth. These three values are interwoven and apply to everyone: candidates, companies, connectors and all the team of Pitcheers. We want everyone to grow and benefit.


Everyone on the Pitcheers team came together by talking to people. No one was asked for a resume/CV.
They all came to us through conversation.

Workers are not just a list of skills, they are above all else, people. And to get to know people, it is not enough to read about their skills on a CV. You have to have a conversation.

This is how we add new people to our team, and how we help companies add members to their teams. In other words, the way we build our team is the same way we use to help companies build theirs.

When it comes to hiring, it's key that the person has the desire to both work in that company and to learn, because that's not easy to change.

We are specialists in building teams. We want to help you build yours!

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