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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Agonalea Games

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CABA, Argentina

Agonalea Games is a mobile game development company based in Buenos Aires, with offices in Argentina and Uruguay.

After working on mobile games for 6 years, in August of 2021 we decided to take the leap and start developing our own

games under our own label.

● We work with a hybrid methodology, people can work from the office and from home as they choose.

● The main team has now 6 people but we also work with an extended group of artists, musicians, writers, etc. from outside the company.

● Our goal is to be a self-publising company, so we are working on our own games from the initial idea to the release.

How the engineering team works:

We use a light version of Kanban methodology. Have 3 weeks sprints, with a deliverable at the end of the third week.

How the engineering team is conformed:

3 developers, 1 PO/Game designer and 1 PM/QA.

The goal of the engineering team for the next year:

● Keep improving the game we already have with new features and content.

● Start the development of the new game to release Q3 2023