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Apply For Senior Front End Software Developer at AutoScheduler.AI

Remote, United States

AutoScheduler is a WMS accelerator to optimize existing WMS capabilities making them faster, smarter and more nimble.

We launched our warehouse orchestration platform, AutoScheduler, in August 2020 with a mission to empower IT teams in performing advanced warehouse planning utilizing predictive decision-making and prescriptive analytics. In a landscape where many struggle to effectively manage labor while striving to increase On-Time In-Full (OTIF) deliveries, we understand the challenges faced by supply chain teams. We're here to help.

With each implementation of AutoScheduler, we work with the customer to understand and collect the required data to make the system work specifically for them and their teams. 

We allow for flexibility as much as possible throughout the implementation to best serve the needs of each unique customer. We don’t quit until you have it running smoothly and satisfactorily.

Our developers, from all over the world, are constantly modifying AutoScheduler to adopt best practices and incorporate useful recommendations we gain along the way. 

How the engineering team works:

Weekly sprints, continuously delivery

How the engineering team is conformed:

Broken out by backend, front-end, devOps, and data science teams, each with a team lead

Goal Over the Next Year:

Scale the AutoScheduler platform to dozens of new customers around the globe