Hire international remote teams quickly and easily in Australia and New Zealand

Hire international remote teams quickly and easily in Australia and New Zealand
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23 March 2023

We partner with you to ensure you’re hiring the right talent, and then we do it for you.

We assess everything, from cultural fit, experience and background to code challenges. You will only interview them to hire them.

But where should you be hiring?

The software development market is global. So, to find the best people, you can’t stay confined to a specific place, whether it’s a city or a country: you need to look for talent around the world.

Why companies are afraid to hire remote workers?

Because they don’t know:

  • which countries to hire from
  • if the universities are good
  • if the companies where candidates work are good

Because of the time it can take to go through:

  • the interview process
  • the onboarding process

The solution: get expert help

Here’s how Pitcheers helps you hire international talent

  • We identify the right person for the role.
  • We tell them what it’s like to work for Australian and New Zealand companies remotely.

The latter is very important because it’s not just about offering the candidate a good job opportunity: it’s about making sure that they can adapt to work for Australian and New Zealand, companies’ culture.

What we do is:

  • build a relationship with the candidate
  • make sure the company offers what they are looking for
  • tell them what the company’s work culture is and what differences they are going to encounter.
  • assess if they will be able to adapt.
  • make them part of our community

Hiring international candidates can accelerate the process of bringing the right team member to your team. Pitcheers can make the process of hiring international talent short and simple.

At Pitcheers, we have already helped many of our clients hire remote candidates, who have now worked for the ANZ work market.

We can help you find and hire international talent quickly and easily. Contact us. We are here to help!

We partner with you before you start the hiring process, and by understanding your needs at a business level we can help you to decide: if, what, and how to hire.

And because we now know exactly what you need and why, we can take over all the burden of the hiring process from you, from job description to the one-to-last interview. You will only see the selected candidates that are worth your time.

Thanks to our committed approach, our existing customers are enjoying a 93.7% success rate in their hiring process

  • First, plan with us
  • Then, veto final candidates
  • That’s it

We make your job easier

YOU help us to understand your needs

  • We write job description
  • We write ads
  • We review applications
  • We proactively search for candidates on different platforms.
  • We read CVs and LinkedIn profiles.
  • We select candidates to call
  • We schedule interviews
  • We conduct interviews
  • We analyze information from interviews
  • We reject unsuitable candidates
  • We take code challenges
  • We analyze results from code challenges
  • We schedule second round of interviews
  • We interview suitable candidates
  • YOU Hire

How do we help you hire?

We start by understanding your situation and we share with you what the market situation is and analyze it with you before we start.

We write the job descriptions and ads for you and post them on our niche job portal.

We talk to candidates in our community who we know have the skills you’re looking for and who are looking for an opportunity like

the one you’re offering.

We only present you with candidates who meet all your requirements and who are interested in working for your company.

We already have a relationship with your potential candidates. When you ask us to fill a position, we don’t start from scratch:

we already know from the people in our community of IT professionals who could be your ideal candidates.

Contact Pri Mills (priscila@pitcheers.com), our General Manager for ANZ, to discuss your needs and explore how Pitcheers can assist you in finding

and hiring international talent quickly and easily in Australia and New Zealand.

Helping candidates find a job and companies find candidates, by understanding exactly what both are looking for. Constantly talking with candidates to get to know them and connect them with roles that match their knowledge, skills and capabilities.
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Hire international remote teams quickly and easily in Australia and New Zealand
Hire international remote teams quickly and easily in Australia and New Zealand