How to Bring Overseas Talent to New Zealand

How to Bring Overseas Talent to New Zealand
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23 March 2023

The world's biggest companies are already doing it.

Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Google, etc. go out into the world looking for people.

They not only have offices all over the world, but also go specifically to certain countries to hire people. 

Microsoft, for example, has been going to Argentina every year for years.

They organize an event and invite people to apply for open positions. After two or three weeks of interviews,

they hire people who can work from Argentina and also who can migrate to the United States to work in the company's headquarters. 

This is something that companies in New Zealand are not doing. But they could.  

The software development market is global. So, to find the best people, you can't stay confined to a specific place,

whether it's a city or a country: you need to look for talent around the world. 

Why companies are afraid to hire overseas workers

Because they don't know:  

  • which countries to hire from
  • if the universities are good
  • if the companies where candidates work are good

Because of the time it can take to go through:

  • the interview process
  • the visa process

The solution: get expert help

You don't have to do things like Microsoft and travel to countries once a year to hire people. 

You can leave the process in the hands of experts, such as Pitcheers

Here's how Pitcheers helps you hire international talent

  • We identify the right person for the role.
  • We tell them what it's like to live in New Zealand.

The latter is very important, because it's not just about offering the candidate a good job opportunity:

it's about making sure that they and their family are going to like living in New Zealand,

so that they stay with the company and don't want to leave after a few months because they didn't like the country.

What we do is:

  • build a relationship with the candidate
  • make sure the company offers what they are looking for
  • tell them what the lifestyle is like in New Zealand and what cultural differences they are going to encounter
  • make them part of our community

Hiring an international candidate can take between two to three months, which is not that long when you consider

that the average time companies spend looking for candidates locally is between two to six months. 

Pitcheers can make the process of hiring international talent short and simple.

Why hire talent from around the world

People who decide to emigrate to New Zealand do not do so only for economic reasons.

What they are looking for is a change of lifestyle, a better quality of life. 

This is not to say that salary is not important: the salary has to be competitive. Otherwise, the person comes,

works for the company for a few months, and then leaves for another company that offers a better salary. 

What often happens with candidates who are already in New Zealand is that they are driven by an economic interest,

and they pursue the job that will pay them the best. They already have the lifestyle and quality of life they want. Competition is fierce.

Giving a candidate the possibility to migrate, and therefore, access a better quality of life is an invaluable

opportunity not only for the candidate, but also for their family. For candidates, salary is important, but not as important as the change

of life that this job would mean for their families

Where to start?

Hiring international talent and bringing them to New Zealand can be quick and simple if you plan ahead and have a strategy.  

How do you start? By meeting and interviewing people now, so that in two to three months, you can have a new member in your team.

While two or three months may sound like a long time, it's really not that long when you consider that any period of notice in New Zealand is four weeks. 

But remember: you don't have to do it alone. Seek expert help.

At Pitcheers we have already helped many of our clients hire international candidates, who have now lived in New Zealand for years.

We can help you find and hire international talent quickly and easily. Contact us. We are here to help!

Helping candidates find a job and companies find candidates, by understanding exactly what both are looking for. Constantly talking with candidates to get to know them and connect them with roles that match their knowledge, skills and capabilities.
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