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About Smartpay

We are Smartpay. an Australia and New Zealand’s largest independent full-service EFTPOS provider.

We service over 25,000 merchants with approximately 35,000 secure and feature-rich EFTPOS terminals. In New Zealand, we are the largest direct connector of EFTPOS terminals to Paymark, the central electronic payment processing platform. We have long standing relationships with our bank partners ranging from terminal supply to fully outsourced service offerings.

In Australia, we are a payment facilitator providing credit and debit card acquiring through EFTPOS terminals, challenging the traditional payments space, and delivering business owners with payment products especially built for them.

We aim to add value to our customers, our people, investors and our community in everything we do.

How Our Engineering Team Works:

The engineering team operates using two-week sprints, following continuous delivery principles, and employs both Scrum and Kanban methodologies, depending on the project:

Two-week Sprints with Scrum: For some projects, we adopt a Scrum framework and conduct two-week sprints.

Pure Kanban: In other cases, we utilize a pure Kanban approach for workflow management.

We implement continuous delivery practices supported by an automated pipeline, which includes Infrastructure as a Service integrated into our development process.

Our engineering team is structured as follows:

Squads: We organize our teams into squads, each consisting of 3 developers, 1 tester, 1 product owner, and 1 UX/UI designer.

Traditional Scrum Team: Additionally, we maintain traditional Scrum teams, comprising 1 Product Owner, 1 Team Lead, and 4 to 6 developers.

Squad Leaders: Within our squads of 3-4 developers, we designate a Squad Leader. There are typically 2 squads per team, each led by a Team Leader, and each squad has its dedicated Product Owner.

Our developers actively participate in testing as part of the development process, while UX/UI design is outsourced as needed.


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Company Benefits
Career GrowthWe listen to your career aspirations and invest in your skills for growth.
Employee Assistance Program24/7 support for all staff and their families if required for wellbeing
Social Events & CelebrationsWe love to celebrate the big wins, small wins and everything in between with social events every month!
Great CultureWe’re proud to have a great and inclusive culture.
We strive to be a great place to work. We are committed to looking after our team, who are looking after our customers, resulting in a stronger company for our shareholders.
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