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About Publicis Groupe

We are a multinational advertising and public relations company.

It is one of the oldest and largest advertising companies in the world. We are part of the 'Big Four' communication companies. We provide digital and traditional advertising, media services, specialized agencies, and marketing services (SAMS) for national and multinational clients. 

Our philosophy evolves around the equation: (IQ stands for intelligence quotient + EQ for emotional quotient + TQ for technology quotient.)

Intelligence Quotient:  Any approach to brand communication or product marketing requires in-depth reflection and sound strategic advice. Associated with the need to transform the business model or the marketing strategy, this has led to the development of consulting as an activity in its own right. A good dose of Intellectual Quotient therefore becomes decisive in facing the challenges of digital,

Emotional quotient:  it allows us to evoke humor, compassion or affection but also trust, security or empathy... an endless list of feelings, thus adding a human element to brand content.

Technology Quotient:  We know how to harness the unprecedented capabilities offered by technological progress,

The Speed ​​Factor:  the speed of light and the spontaneity of interactions. It is the reign of immediacy. “Be Quick” is our watchword.

The creative quotient:  it is the basis of our profession and what sets us apart from others.

The creative quotient fuels the success of the greatest alchemies; thus it enhances and transcends Publicis Groupe's offering.


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The person who works with us is ready to face the future better than anyone in any other creative company. Since the creation of the group in 1926, we have ceaselessly shown the path to change.
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