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About Decoded Health

We are Decoded Health, a spinout of SRI International, a world-renowned, deep technology, non-profit research organization headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley.

SRI’s long tradition of innovation includes inventions such as the computer mouse, ultrasound, and HDTV. SRI is also responsible for the creation of companies such as Intuitive Surgical (ISRG), Nuance Communications (NAUN), and Siri (acquired by Apple). Decoded Health is the next evolution in the application of SRI’s advancements in technology for the field of primary care medicine.

Our founding team in Decoded Health brings together over 60 years of collective experience in the clinical healthcare delivery, machine learning, and health IT systems development.

Our team comes from organizations that have been at the forefront of technology and medicine including Kaiser Permanente, Orion Health, Discovery Health, Rincon Research, SRI International and Nuance Communications.


Used technologies:

We have a "free to choose" phylosophy, as much as possible but the preference is for Ubuntu OS with IDE (we use IntelliJ).

BACKEND: Jenkins, Google Cloud bots, they are moving to Oracle Cloud. YAML/Terraform, Kubernetes, Redis, MySQL, ArangoDB (knowledge graph). We are moving from Java to Rust, but we also GO. Docker - Git

FRONTEND: For UI we are using React (Next.js).

MOBILE: Mobile app (being business cased for whitelabel) in pause until Rust.

DATA: BigQuery, Python, some Rust (inferences in LLM)


Our IT team:

3 Devs in Virginia,3 Devs in NZ, 2 Data scientists in California, a variety of contractors.





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Decoded Health’s mission is to create a future of optimal health through universal access to primary care. To realize this level of accessibility, Decoded Health is developing an Integrated Primary Care Delivery Platform that automates patient communication, maximizing access by dynamically matching patients with the care they need.
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