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Senior DBA (Data Base Administration)

Status: open for applications
At TeraCode, we work hard to maintain our extraordinary high retention rate of 90%, ensuring our experienced staff feels rewarded, engaged, and respected

The team at TeraCode


About the role

At TeraCode, we empower companies to successfully complete digital transformation projects. From strategy and design to technology selection and implementation, we help achieve outcomes by connecting products and collecting data, creating customer-facing apps, enhancing in-store experiences, remotely monitoring assets, utilizing algorithms for predictive maintenance, automating re-ordering processes, and more.

To be successful in this, we require an exceptional Senior Database Administration.

According to those who are already collaborating with us, positive experiences include: competitive salaries (sometimes exceeding market rates), opportunities for learning (approved courses with certifications are funded by the company), strong team collaboration appreciation, avenues for growth, fair and human-centric treatment of all employees, flexible working hours, the option for 100% remote work, and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. (Source: Glassdoor)


Required experience and skills: 

● Maintain an Oracle Database.  

● Create, Modify, and Delete Tables, Users, Views, Triggers, Sequences, Database Jobs.  

● Oracle SQL Developer.  

● PL/SQL  (Store procedures).  


● Visual Studio (another IDE could be used).  

● Level of English: Advance

● 5+ years working as a DBA primarily with the mentioned technologies.

● 5% of the time:  

  • Updates  to  Spotfire  Dashboards. 
  • Minor changes (column names, tooltips).


Salary range:Contact our connectors to know more

How to apply

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