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Senior Back End Software Engineer

Status: open for applications
At TeraCode, we work hard to maintain our extraordinary high retention rate of 90%, ensuring our experienced staff feels rewarded, engaged, and respected

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About the role


At TeraCode, we empower companies to successfully complete digital transformation projects. From strategy and design to technology selection and implementation, we help achieve outcomes by connecting products and collecting data, creating customer-facing apps, enhancing in-store experiences, remotely monitoring assets, utilizing algorithms for predictive maintenance, automating re-ordering processes, and more.

To accomplish this, we seek individuals to work with us, who uphold high-quality standards, exhibit commitment, thrive in teamwork, and demonstrate proactivity. In return, we provide an exceptional work environment with challenging and impactful projects, a welcoming company culture, extensive benefits, and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

In this opportunity we are incorporating a Senior Back End Software Engineer to our team who has a broad, hands-on understanding of cloud development and operations, especially if it is in Azure.


Required experience and skills: 

● Web fundamentals

● Relational and/or NoSQL databases

● OOP fundamentals

● Python programming

● REST API development


Beneficial experience and skills to have for the role include:

Foundational understanding of Machine Learning,

● Prior experience in MLOps practices for streamlined deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of models,

● Familiarity with the Intuence/PLENTY platform, showcasing readiness to contribute effectively.

The provided benefits include:

 3 weeks of vacation time, alignment with Argentine public holidays,

● Provision of essential work equipment such as a computer and headphones.

● Opportunities for continuous development through training initiatives.

Well-rounded and supportive work environment.

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How to apply

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