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Intermediate DevOps

Status: open for applications
We promote an integral culture guided by the commitment to build a sustainable future together. We care about our people, our communities and our environment.

The team at Globant


About the role

We are a digitally native company that helps organizations reinvent themselves to create a path forward and unlock their potential. We are the place where innovation, design, and engineering converge at scale. We want you to enjoy each day at work, find balance, and have a supportive community that accompanies you through all stages of your life. Our mission is to design and deliver unique experiences for our team members (Globers) to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Currently, we

are looking for a Semi-Senior DevOps professional to join our team.


Required experience and skills:

Azure Cloud: CLI, deployment and configuration of a wide variety of Azure IaaS + PaaS, Network Security Groups, App Gateways + WAF, Log Analytics / Insights (including querying), Identity and Access Management, Key Vault

Containers: Docker, Dockerfile authoring, container build, security practices, Artifactory (Azure Container Registry, JFrog)

Kubernetes: core concepts, cluster management + monitoring + scalling, kubectl, kubernetes manifests, resource types, resource requests / limits, nginx / ingresses, networking, volumes, deployments + helm, Jobs/Cronjobs

Azure DevOps (ADO): YAML pipelines authoring + consumption, triggers, integration with code quality tools like Mend, Checkmarx, SonarQube, etc.

Git + GitHub + integration with ADO

Scripting (any of): bash, powershell, python, node JS

Ansible Tower (consumption)


Valuable background and skills:

● Kubernetes: autoscaling, security context


● APIGee

● Grafana

● GitHub Actions

● Developer background

● Ansible Playbooks

● Azure Data Factory: deployment, GitHub / ADO integration


Seniority and years of experience

Semi-Senior with 3/4+ years of experience as a DevOps.


English Level

Upper intermediate / Advanced


Type of work:

Remote with occasional in-person meetings at the office



● Health insurance for you & your family

● Relocation possibilities

● Parenting Program

● Life insurance

● Globant Campus

● Paid time off

● Rewards & recognition platform


Interviewing process:

● Talk with Connector Pitcheers

● Interview with the company HR

● Technical Interview

● Cultural and fit Interview


Our culture:

At Globant we believe that an inclusive culture and a diverse environment makes us stronger. We encourage people to have an inclusive spirit as our global footprint expands. We seek to generate a place of inspiration and growth for everyone. A safe space, based on equity as a value, where everyone's careers can be promoted and developed in the same way. There is no innovation without diversity and there is no improvement without plurality.


We know that the process of looking for a job can be stressful. Pitcheers is here to support you and make this journey enjoyable.

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Talking with us: Book a free chat with our connectors. 

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Salary range:Contact our connectors to know more

How to apply

  • Book a call with one of our connectors
  • Clear all your doubts about the role and tell them about yourself
  • Get help applying
This is not an interview to evaluate you. It's a conversation to get to know you and tell you more about the role.
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