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Intermediate DevOps

Status: open for applications
We need you to implement the AutoScheduler solution in all the warehouse’s critical activities, so things like dock scheduling, loading, unloading, case picking, and the creation of transfer orders are all optimized.

The team at AutoScheduler.AI


About the role

AutoScheduler.AI is here to assist our customers in saving money and addressing supply chain challenges. Leveraging our extensive background in building machine learning solutions, everything delivered by the AutoScheduler team is meticulously designed to provide value to our Fortune 500 customers. We connect to the client's database, extract all relevant data, standardize it, and store it in a data warehouse. Here, our algorithms run, accounting for the variables and objectives provided by the client – such as tasks to be completed, available resources, stock levels, delivery times, and more. The result is a logistics plan aimed at delivering the right stock to the right place with the utmost efficiency possible.

We are seeking a DevOps Engineer to join our fast-growing, fun, and team-orientated company.


The responsibilities include:

● Azure Scripting Improvement: Assess and enhance the maturity of Azure scripting to achieve a higher level of automation (currently at 80%). Identify areas for improvement and implement optimizations to increase scripting efficiency.

● Autoscaling: Design, implement, and optimize autoscaling solutions to dynamically adjust resources based on demand.Continuously monitor and adjust autoscaling configurations for optimal performance.

● Monitoring and Logging: Implement and maintain robust monitoring solutions to track the performance of Azure-based infrastructure. Enhance logging mechanisms for comprehensive data collection and analysis.

● Containerized Software Deployment: Lead the deployment of containerized software using Kubernetes in the Azure environment. Collaborate with development teams to ensure smooth and reliable container deployments.

● AzureTools Integration: Utilize AzureTools for effective monitoring and integrate it with Slack for real-time alerts and warnings. Configure and customize alerts to notify relevant stakeholders promptly.


Valuable background and abilities

● SQL Server Development

● UI Javascript/React


Required Technical Skills:

● Azure,

● ArgoCD,

● OpenSearch

● Kubernetes

● Python based Azure scripting

Seniority and years of experience

5+ years of experience as DevOps with Azure CD/CI


English Level

Advance. Fully fluent.


Type of work:

100 % Remote. Latam, preferably Argentina (rest of the team in CABA) or Colombia



You will be reporting to the CTO. The team consists of 5/6 developers in CABA, 1 in La Plata, and 1 in Colombia. The other DevOps member is located in Pakistan

Hiring process: 

● Talk with Marina, Connector Pitcheers 

● Technical Interview

● Talk with CTO


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How to apply

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