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Senior Product Owner

Status: open for applications
Partnering with us means joining an outstanding team, benefiting from a strong organizational framework, continuous refinement, and having opportunities for growth according to our team's feedback (Source: Glassdoor)

The team at Chattigo


About the role

In Chattigo, our purpose is to promote a new type of relationship between companies and their customers, aiming to create and renew trust through communication.

We developed a SaaS platform that allows companies to communicate with their customers through human interaction (chats) and/or automated means (ChatBots), using the chat application that the customer chooses to use. We offer the unique opportunity to incorporate new omnichannel digital customer service technologies into companies.

We are a team composed of professionals with diverse experiences and talents, working in a dynamic and collaborative environment, with a focus on continued strong growth in Latin America and expanding into new markets.

We are looking for a Product Owner who wants to join our team and be part of our mission.


About the project:

You will be responsible for maximizing the value of the products developed by the agile team, defining team priorities, leading, and managing resources associated with the projects. Additionally, be the representative voice of the business line and the link with the development team, ensuring the fulfilment of requirements and needs, managing the product backlog, and ensuring compliance with agile methodology.


Responsibilities of the role:

● Represent all stakeholders in development to define products or projects effectively and achieve expected objectives.

● Prioritize team goals and tasks to maximize the agile team's value (maximize ROI).

● Provide vision and direction to the agile team and stakeholders, defining product requirements as Epics, Features, and User Stories.

● Lead team planning, overseeing Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, and participating in Sprint Retrospective.

● Lead team promoting the methodology's benefits through the presentation of metrics and results that add value to the business.

● Understand the market and customer/end-user behaviour to guide the team in creating valuable new elements.


Valuable background and abilities:

● Strategic Vision

● Interpersonal Relationship Management

● Proactivity and Initiative

● Problem Solving

● Methodical approach

● Collaborative Work

● Results Orientation


Required experience:

● Proven experience as a Product Owner.

● Proven ability to identify and prioritize business needs and customer requirements.

● Management through agile methodologies, particularly Scrum.

● Technical knowledge of project assessment.

● Comfortable with technology/IT to engage in discussions with the technical team and understand development timelines and risks.


Beneficial experience and skills to have:

● Ability to communicate in English.

● Studies in Civil Engineering/Commercial Engineering


Seniority and years of experience

Senior with +3 years of experience with bots 


Type of work:

This is a 100% remote work. Full time 9:00 – 18:00



3 Weeks


You will observe the public holidays in Argentina.



● Annual performance bonus

● Salary adjustments every 3 months according to INDEC


Interviewing process:

● Talk with Connector Pitcheers

● Interview HR Chattigo

● Interview Product Manager

● Interview Directors of the area


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