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Senior IT Support

Status: open for applications
Our founding team of supply chain veterans and ML experts has created one of the most sophisticated suites of optimization tools in the supply chain world.

The team at ProvisionAi


About the role

ProvisionAi automatically gets the right products on the right number of trucks at the right time to increase service levels and maximize network efficiency.

The ProvisionAi platform translates the supply chain “plan” into executable missions that smooth deployment, match loads to demand, and respect all of the complex supply chain constraints.

We are seeking a Senior IT Support professional to contribute to the enhancement of our optimization system, requiring a profound understanding of the logistics industry. In this role, you will engage with clients, grasp their requirements, and effectively translate them into the system. While hands-on involvement is not mandatory, we value a consultant-oriented approach in this position. 

Valuable background and abilities:



Approachable personality — adept at working with people

Effective communication skills


Required experience and skills: 

Experience in supply chain/logistics is required. Candidates should possess expertise and knowledge in the logistics field, understanding the entire process from routes to warehousing, covering the end-to-end logistics processes. In this case, the focus is more on logistics itself than on technology.

Proficiency in Azure

Familiarity with Windows, Linux, and advanced


Beneficial experience and skills to have: 

DBA (Database Administration)



Seniority and years of experience

Senior with +6 years of experience

English Level



Working Hours:

This is a full-time position. Preferably based in Argentina, but open to candidates in Latin America. The ideal working hours will be from 9 am to 6 pm or from 8 am to 5 pm. While flexibility is possible on certain occasions, the expectation is for candidates to follow the regular working hours of Argentina

Type of work:

This is a 100% remote work.


Our Team:

We are in the process of building the team. This team will be based in Latin America but will collaborate seamlessly with teams in the US and Europe. Working hours will not be a constraint, and there are no expectations for the team to be connected at unreasonable hours.



You will observe the public holidays in Argentina.


Hiring process: 

● Talk with Marina, Connector at Pitcheers 

● Talk in HR

● Talk with team



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How to apply

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