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Senior Lead Developer

Status: open for applications
Our values are transparency, open communication, and valuing every voice. We prioritize collaboration and teamwork with a No-Ego mindset, while emphasizing flexibility and innovation.

The team at Volt


About the role

We are a small but mighty team on a mission to help businesses across the globe build more meaningful connections with their customers through the power of SMS deliverability and customized analytics.

Working at Volt means you’re committed to not only exceeding expectations in your own career, but also helping companies build things that matter!

We are seeking a Senior Tech Lead Developer to contribute to our existing software stack and multiple initiatives, including supporting current growth, enhancing CD/CI processes, improving IaaS, and potentially migrating to/investing in Rust.


About the project/role:

Includes receiving business requirements and participate in designing the solution, and being responsible for the implementation.

Work with a huge amount of data at scale and database tables with hundreds of millions of rows.

Strong focus on users and product innovation — engineers are front-and-center in our product development and decision making processes. You will be directly involved in customer research, designing and implementing features, measuring product results, and iteration.

Very agile but non-dogmatic development environment, deploying several times each day

Develop solutions to novel technical and developer experience problems — we are building the first true platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for mobile messaging.


Valuable background and abilities:



Great communications

A desire to help build a strong, healthy engineering culture -

A collaborative, pragmatic, user-focused mindset. We are a small but focused team and everyone must be aligned on our goals.

The ability to thrive in a remote-first organization



Start-up experience (fast-paced environment)


Required experience and skills: 

Experience with React & Python

Experience with performance and optimization problems, and an ability to resolve and prevent them

Experience across the stack in production web and server codebases with sophisticated use of relational database systems (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL o MS SQL).

The ability to build within unfamiliar systems and write maintainable, well-tested code (any testing tool is ok such us React Testing Library, Cypress, Jest, Pytest, unit or integration testing / they use a standard testing framework)


Beneficial experience and skills to have: 

● Preferably experience in a high growth startup environment

● Background in product companies

● Experience with PaaS

● If not React, web-based JavaScript frameworks like Angular or Vue

● Rust (AXUM framework ideally) or Go or C++ or C (low level coding) (bachelor`s degree)

● No relational databases (NoSQL) such as MongoDB or Dynamo DB


● IaC: Using Terraform (ideally) or CloudFormation

Seniority and years of experience

Senior with 7+ years of software engineering experience

Studies/ Degree

Bachelor's Degree or related


English Level

Advanced. The whole team is English speaking and communication must be super-fluid


Type of work:

This is a 100% remote work from Argentina. For local team members, our office at the One Technology Center in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, is open and available


Our Team:

The team consists of three senior individuals, each with experience leading teams. We expect them to lead small pods, with a goal of having three pods to match the ongoing projects. For the additional developers joining, mentorship will be provided. The breakdown includes one backend processes and architecture expert, one data and machine learning specialist, and one leading frontend development with a focus on database specifics.



We plan to bring the team to Tulsa OK every quarter. anyone we hire can use the business travel visa waiver application through the US Consulate in Argentina to travel here. We would cover their B-1 Visa application fee. It's valid for 10 years, and let’s them visit visa free for up to 6 months each visit. So we want to keep traveling for the quarterly meetings as mandatory but add we will pay the B-1 Visa application fee.


Hiring process: 

● Talk with Emilia, Connector at Pitcheers 

Technical Self evaluation with Cody (Cody goes through technical aspects, to understand their background and learn about different challenges they faced) - 90 min session

● Pair programming & Architecture Discussion w/engineering team. Splitter into two parts: 90min code review and 90min of pair programming



We know that the process of looking for a job can be stressful. Pitcheers is here to support you and make this journey enjoyable.

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Talking with us: Book a free chat with our connectors to introduce yourself and clarify doubts you may have. 

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Reading and following The Six-Steps Cycle. That you can download in:


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How to apply

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