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Senior Software Engineer

Status: open for applications
Come join us and work with the latest technologies in a wide variety of projects, building amazing products for global audiences.

The team at Neginet


About the role

At Neginet We Build Remote Teams. We specialize in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and managing top developers so that companies can focus on what really matters: delivering better software.

We’re thinking one step ahead and imagining how smart organizations will distribute their workload across remote team members in the next few years. No more commuting. No more delays. No more office outfits. Just coffee, Slack and programming.

We are seeking a Senior Software Engineer with Data Lake knowledge. It's an integrated role encompassing both backend development and data engineering responsibilities.


Project description:

You will be working for a client, Global technology company with offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Paris, and London. We have developed an influencer marketing platform that empowers brands to discover, manage, and analyze their influencer campaigns across all major social media platforms. We firmly believe that influencer marketing plays a crucial role in how brands engage with customers and convey their narrative in today’s social landscape. We view our technology and our team as catalysts for change, assisting our clients throughout their transformative journey. Our clientele includes renowned companies such as L'Oréal, Samsung, Riot Games, Revlon, and Google.


Required experience and skills:

● Solid experience with designing and scaling distributed data systems

● Optimizing applications, both stand-alone and in distributed systems to maximize performance

● Working with or developing data lake or warehousing solutions

● Workflow orchestration systems such as Apache Argo or Airflow

● Proficiency writing backend systems using Node.js

● Experience with Python for writing data processing or analysis

● AWS or similar IaaS cloud services


Beneficial experience and skills to have:

● Ability to leverage REST and GraphQL APIs as well as languages such as Java, Python, PHP, SQL or ElasticSearch query language for fetching data from other systems

● Search engines (ElasticSearch a plus)

● NoSQL DB engines (MongoDB a plus)

● Event-driven systems using technologies like Apache Kafka and AWS lambdas

● AMQP Messaging systems (RabbitMQ a plus)

● Data processing and analytics such as Databricks

● Infrastructure-as-code software (Terraform a plus)


Seniority and years of experience

At least 6/7 years of experience in both Development and Data


English Level



Working Hours:

This is a full-time position – Contractor.


Type of work:

This is a 100% remote position based in any country in Latin America.


Our Team:

You will work directly with Neginet's technician, and after a year, you will lead with a junior under your supervision.


Extra Benefits:

● 10 day PTO, (paid time off)

● 10 paid national holidays,

● 5 sick days reimbursed.

● During the US summer, there is a day off every other Frida

Hiring process: 

● Talk with Macarena,Connector at Pitcheers 

● Talk with Neginet

● Pre-offer

● Take-home Challenge

● Client Technical Interview

● Welcome Interview with the Founder



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How to apply

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