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Senior Operations Leader

Status: open for applications
We Believe in technology. We believe in People. We are technology explorers and are constantly seeking solutions and trends, which is why we have been at the forefront of technology for 20 years.

The team at Raona


About the role

We are a company with a hybrid-first essence, an international culture, and extensive expertise in today's technology and knowledge of tomorrow's, enabling us to guide companies in choosing the best technological options and methodologies to meet their future corporate objectives.

We are seeking a Director of Operations to lead our operations team. This role requires a professional with a strong background in the information technology industry and project management. The Director of Operations will oversee a team of consultants and IT specialists, ensuring the successful delivery of consulting projects and related technology services. This position also involves collaborating with Marketing and HR to enhance visibility of our team’s expertise through various channels.


Valuable background and abilities that align with our values: Creativity, Rigor, Innovation, Commitment

Leadership: Ability to inspire and guide the team towards achieving objectives, fostering a collaborative and motivating work environment. Must be able to delegate tasks, provide constructive feedback, and recognize team achievements.

Project Management: Experience in planning, executing, and monitoring IT consulting projects. Must have skills to identify risks, set realistic timelines, and ensure projects are delivered within agreed scope and budget.

Technical Knowledge: Good understanding of current trends in information technology and proficiency across various areas such as software development, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, data analytics, among others. This enables informed decision-making and relevant solutions for clients.

Communication Skills: Excellent ability to communicate clearly with both internal teams and clients. Must be a good listener and willing to address any concerns or issues that arise during projects.

Setting an example and being a reference in innovation and training, constantly pursuing expert certifications and ongoing professional development.


Required experience and skills: 

● Experience in directing and managing large projects and deploying diverse teams and technologies.

● Strong business orientation with knowledge of managing P&Ls and supporting Team Leads in managing their own P&Ls.

● Experience in workload management, team management, reviewing salary proposals, and responsible for attrition review.

● Business-oriented profile focused on capturing more business and benefit for the company.

● Strong critical thinking and decision-making abilities.

● Excellent project management skills and ability to set priorities effectively.

Beneficial experience and skills to have: 

Languages: Portuguese, Catalan, French, in addition to intermediate-level English

Seniority and years of experience:

Senior with Over 10 years of consulting experience. Minimum 4 years of experience as a Team Lead.

Studies/ Degree:

Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field, or equivalent experience.


Type of work:

This is a 100% remote work. With coworking options in San Luis


Hiring process: 

● Talk with Marina, Connector at Pitcheers 

● Interview with HR

● Interview with Managing Director

● Interview with founder and CTO




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How to apply

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