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Senior Mobile Developer
Must have:

We are currently on the lookout for a Lead, Senior or experienced Mobile Software Engineer

to join our ClearPoint Engineering Chapter to help consult, innovate and develop world-class

mobile experiences for our customers.


Working with key technology influencers across sectors such as Funds Management,

Banking and Financial Services you’ll become part of our highly skilled team working on complex

Mobile applications and software integration solutions.

This is a diverse role where you’ll have ample opportunity to apply your cross-domain, cross-functional and cross-industry expertise.


We’re looking for proven experience in the following areas:

● Familiarity with mobile architecture patterns such as MVVM, VIPER, unidirectional data flow

● Idiomatic and expressive Swift for iOS or Kotlin for Android

● Strong written communication skills for authoring clear technical documentation

● Thorough specialist knowledge of the Android or iOS platform SDKs

● Commitment to engineering discipline through practices such as version control hygiene, trunk-based development, writing tests

● Concurrency frameworks like RxSwift, RxJava, Combine, or Kotlin Coroutines

● Agile and lean development practices


Nice to have:

● Understanding of GraphQL, the BFF pattern, server-driven UI

● Deep interest in a robust class/function design

● Interest in backend development especially NodeJS

● Declarative UI with SwiftUI or Jetpack Compose

● Static analysis tools or linters like ktlint or SwiftLint 

● Experience with Gradle, CircleCI, Danger, or Fastlane

● Interest in Flutter

Preferred qualifications :Swift, Kotlin, Flutter
Working with us :
Join a workplace you can be proud of with a collaborative and inclusive tech company culture. These are the essence of what we stand for and underpin our way of working and interactions.
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