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Senior Software Engineer
Must have:
Restful API

We try to maintain a loose coupling philosophy when writing our software.

This means each building block of our infrastructure does one thing and does it well;

we try to remain as modular, simple, and clear as possible.

We encourage the use of external open-source libraries and welcome any possible

contributions rather than reinventing the wheel. We want to focus your energy, passion,

and grey matter on writing code that makes our product great and serves our customer's needs. 

You will be joining an existing development team and will focus on building and maintaining

our Integration Service as a Platform product and assisting our service delivery teams to enable

customers to get the most out of our solutions.

We are looking to expand our platform to make it more distributed and to extend our reach to

include additional SaaS platforms.

Excellent knowledge of Linux is a plus and fluent in python. You must also be familiar with

RESTFul APIs and able to expand and improve them. 

Working with us :
Integration Fox integrates your sales and marketing platforms in just a few weeks, without the expensive price tag. Let us know what you need to connect, and we'll make it happen.
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