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Senior Data Engineer
Must have:
Microsoft SQL Database

As a Data Infrastructure Engineer, you will participate in the development of Oritain’s data infrastructure

to meet the requirements of products and data stakeholders, including the definition and development

of data architecture and data models. You will contribute to the administration, monitoring, maintenance,

support and upgrade of data and deployed data solutions, including logging, data versioning, automated

data quality checking, and data access/security. You will also help to implement data administration and

management protocols according to data governance policies.

Must-have experiences and skills include:

Gathering disparate data and business requirements from separate groups of data stakeholders and involving

multiple data sources and, thereafter, provisioning cloud-based data infrastructure and tools to meet those requirements.

Data modelling tools and familiarity with the use of UML to communicate models.

Provisioning data solutions that achieve the right balance between data security and data accessibility and usability.

Developing and deploying databases.

Wrangling and cleaning dirty data, with an understanding of common underlying causes of dirty data and how to prevent

it from being entered into the system in the first place

Good-to-have experiences and skills include:

Provisioning data solutions in the Azure cloud.

Advanced SQL skills.

Working with Infrastructure-as-Code tools such as Terraform.

Use of event streaming platforms for data integration.Streaming data.

Familiarity with chemical and geospatial data.

Working with us :
This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your career with a meaningful role - you will help companies to protect the integrity of their product and to mitigate the risk in global supply chains. We think we've created a great place to work - are you ready to be part of a great kiwi success story?
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