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Mujer Financiera

Senior Technical Lead
Must have:
React Native

What stack do we have?

Today we have our PFM, which is a Mobile APP uploaded on iOS and Android as "Felicity".

It is made with React Native, Node, Mongo, AWS. The idea is to generate a single product that

contains both universes, Academy and PFM, on WEB and MOBILE. That said, the stack we are considering

(without going into the technicalities of design patterns, automation, etc.): React JS + React Native, Node, Mongo, AWS.


What will you be doing?

Maintain, evolve and implement improvements in the architecture of our products. Plan scalability and growth

Build the technology team in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico and develop talent.

Work together with Design and Product to define new functionalities and product roadmap.

Lead the implementation of new functionalities.

Estimate and size new projects.

In short, you will be the leader of the technology area of Mujer Financiera.


What requirements are we considering?

Senior experience in the development and implementation of applications (mobile + web)

working with the stack we manage: ReactJS | React Native | NodeJS Express | MongoDB | SQL | AWS.

Advanced knowledge in design and implementation of solutions on AWS.

Experience scaling digital products in the region working with agile methodologies.

Experience working with data: BI - Machine Learning (desirable).

Ability to lead the creation of an internal technology team and develop talent.

Professional experience in Fintech/EdTech is a plus

Working with us :
We are growing to build the best Edtech + Fintech product in the market and build a very powerful team of developers in Argentina, Uruguay and Mexico. We mention these countries because we plan to go regional with our products in these areas during the first half of 2022. And this is where we have the first challenge: to scale the architecture of our products so that we can land in these regions.
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