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Senior Embedded Engineer
Must have:

Responsible for developing embedded electronic devices from concept to mass-produced product,

ensuring they will complement and interoperate with the existing technology stack.

Critical Success Factors:

● Possess practical knowledge of modern electronics (including microprocessors,

switch mode power supplies and low power analogue).

● Thorough understanding of the interaction between hardware and firmware through the entire product life cycle.

● Work through processes methodically.

● Be willing to learn and grow in the role. 

● Be self-motivated and show initiative, including user experience available from other team members.

Key Areas of Responsibility:

● Implement firmware to complete device functionality.

● Take requirements and use them to develop hardware designs.

● Develop methods for performing efficient production testing.

● Work with other team members to integrate devices with the rest of the product stack (hardware,

● Firmware, web Dashboard and backend).

● Design and implement processes to improve production efficiency and yields.

● Troubleshooting product returns to refine designs and manufacturing processes.

● Update existing firmware to maintain existing capabilities in addition to adding new features.

Core Technical Competencies 

● Firmware development using C++ and assembly in a bare-metal environment.

● Familiarity with a variety of processor architectures, primarily Arm Cortex-M0+ and Cortex-M4F.

● PCB design using Eagle CAD software.

● Mechanical design for enclosures and test fixtures.

● Use of 3D printing to assist in low-volume manufacturing and prototyping. 

● PC application development using C# for tooling.

Preferred qualifications :Familiarity with a variety of processor architectures, primarily Arm Cortex-M0+ and Cortex-M4F. Hardware experience and C# is a nice to have but not mandatory.
Working with us :
HALO customers benefit from two drivers - greater efficiency - toward a better situation, and risk minimisation - away from a bad situation. HALO's monitoring and automation products are designed and built in-house for our customers' unique industry conditions. We've been in the tech space for over 20 years and haven’t stood still. Our multi-disciplined team bring together real-world experience with technical smarts to deliver high-quality solutions.
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